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Accelerated, Inc. is a full-service regional expedited motor carrier. The company currently has nine company terminals and twelve agents in different cities that provide pickup and delivery, line haul, in-bond service, ocean, warehousing, and distribution.

The company now operates scheduled line haul service between those cities on a daily basis. Most of these cities are served overnight. The outermost points of the network are second day. The hub terminal located in Atlanta, GA, services all cities next day with the exception of Houston, which is second day.

Accelerated’s pick-up and delivery area includes virtually all of the state of Tennessee. Portions of North Georgia, Central and Northern Alabama, greater Dallas/Ft. Worth, and the Carolinas are also served. The Company provides service to hundreds of cities and thousands of zip codes on a same-day basis.

Accelerated has tailored its operation to the needs of freight forwarders, airlines, and integrators. The cutoff times and arrival are scheduled to meet the requirements of those customers. By utilizing Company drivers and equipment, Accelerated is able to maintain the control required to create a network that is distinguished by its consistency.

Accelerated has also made a strong commitment to increasing its use of technology. Resources, both financial and managerial, are constantly dedicated to insuring that our data system keeps current in the world of technology. From full EDI programs to shipment tracking, viewing charges, and ability to print hard-copy PODs all from the Accelerated website, the Company has the capability to meet the requirements of our customers.

The Company’s most outstanding asset, however, remains – its employees. Each employee hired is trained in true “Customer Service”. They are knowledgeable and willing to do what is necessary to see that the needs of each customers are met.

That is the Accelerated way. Accelerated Inc.’s motto is "The sense of Urgency Starts Here".

Accelerated Inc.    •    515 Airpark Center Drive   •   Nashville, TN 37217 USA   •   1.800.821.3052