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1977 was the year in which Barry Pearse returned to Nashville with a new bride and an idea for a cartage company. He had spent a short amount of time in Nashville as the District Manager of a major freight forwarder. He liked what he saw.

Together with his former operations manager and two vans, Accelerated, Inc. was launched into the market. Through hard work, an acquisition, and a buy-out of his partner, Mr. Pearse has been responsible for the continued growth of the Company. He remains the President and sole owner of Accelerated, Inc.

Accelerated remained a very successful and growing local cartage company. Courier work and air freight delivery allowed the Company to expand north into Kentucky, over 100 miles east, south, and west from Nashville. It became the largest pick-up and delivery company in Nashville.

The continued expansion took a turn in 1995 when Accelerated began operating a line haul operation into Atlanta. Air freight was picked up at the local forwarders and airlines in Atlanta and transported to Nashville for delivery. Freight picked up as far away as Bowling Green, KY could be delivered to an airline or forwarder the next morning in Atlanta.

At the urging of customers, Memphis was then added to the schedule. The first additional Accelerated terminal was opened there in 1996. Shortly thereafter, Atlanta had grown too large for an agent operation, and a third terminal was opened in 1997.

The following year, the company moved into a fourth new terminal in Huntsville, AL. Service and agents were added to Knoxville and Chattanooga. Within another year, Birmingham was added to the system.

Many of the company’s international customers in Memphis and Nashville needed reliable and consistent service to Chicago. Service to ORD began in April of 2001. This lane was an instant success. A second truck was added and then a third. It remains one of the most utilized lane segments in the Accelerated system.

The expansion continued in 2002 with the launch of service to the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. After less than a year in the market, the strength of demand made a Company terminal necessary. This new facility in DFW opened on January 6, 2003. Within a few years, there was then a potential to build the service network in and out of Houston. The IAH terminal was opened in May 2006.

As the Company had a presence in the Charlotte region for two years, a terminal was opened there in January 2006, as well as an agent in Greenville, SC (GSP). With success in Charlotte, there became a need to expand service into Greensboro, NC. This service was run directly from the Charlotte office beginning in June 2007. After months of service into Greensboro, there was need to continue service into Raleigh. At that point, it was decided to add agents in both GSO and RDU, continuing expansion in the Carolinas in September 2007.

Seeing such positive feedback from service in the Carolinas, the Company began looking at building service up the Atlantic coast. Knowing that Washington-Dulles is one of the largest export cities, Accelerated saw potential in expanding service to this area. A terminal was opened in IAD in November 2007.

With immediate success in IAD, there was a demand for service both in and out of Baltimore and Philadelphia. It was decided to set up service with agents at BWI and PHL in May 2008, running this service directly out of Washington-Dulles.

Under continued direction of Barry Pearse, together with his management staff of Scott Grevemberg, Executive Vice President, Larry Gibbs, Vice President-Operations, and Brook Pearse, Manager, it is certain that Accelerated, Inc. will continue to expand.

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